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Tuff-Scrub Scrub-N-Wipe Pads

6-Pack Large Size (6.5" H x 4" W)


  • BEST REUSABLE SPONGES - Tuff-Scrub dual-sided scouring sponges are designed to handle cleaning jobs your traditional sponge can’t and takes the hassle out of dishwashing. The dual-sides are versatile for any difficult scrubbing need, one side is the tough scrubbing side and on the other is the soft microfiber sponge
  • PERFECT FOR ANY TOUGH JOB: Tuff-Scrub is perfectly designed to eliminate tough baked on grime for any difficult scrubbing job that other sponges cannot get done. Perfect for dishes, pots, pans, dinner plates, bowls, glasses & other glassware, cleaning the sink, bathroom tubs, toilets, or showers.
  • HIGH QUALITY and DURABLE: Lasts longer than any sponge you have used before! They are machine washable and dishwasher friendly for multiple uses to stay fresh longer with the durability and cleaning power of microfiber. Tuff-Scrub pads are meant to prevent smelling and mildew.
  • NON-SCRATCH & CHEMICAL FREE - 100% safe to use on any cookware or surface and do not contain any harmful chemicals. Tuff-Scrub is non-scratch and will not harm any of your pans or dishes.
  • TUFF-SCRUB SATISFACTION: Tuff-Scrub sponges are the only dish cleaning sponges you will ever need again! But if the quality isn’t like you thought, please feel free to reach out to us if there are any problems and we will make sure you are 100% satisfied.


Tuff-Scrub has established itself as one of the premiere kitchen cleaning brands in the world. The dual-sided 2-n-1 pads have an aggressive (yet safe for non-stick pans) scrubbing surface on one side and an absorbent, wiping microfiber surface on the other side. These surfaces combined with an absorbent foam allow you to clean almost any item or surface in your kitchen with one cleaning pad. Scrub and then Wipe. Absorb liquids and spills. Tuff-Scrub products are long lasting and durable and machine washable and dry-able in your washing machine or dishwasher.


Clean smarter and easier with Tuff-Scrub!



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