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About Us

A&H Branded Products has been in the Auto and Home Cleaning Business for over two decades.  A family business, father and son have been providing wholesalers and retailers with Microfiber Towels, Pads, and Cleaning products for Autos and Homes since about the time it was discovered that microfiber was an excellent cleaning material.


Our company experience with various types of microfiber and textiles and the best cleaning uses for those materials is vast.  We have always tried to combine and find as many uses for a product or material as we could.  While it is nice to have different cleaning tools to use for scrubbing dishes, cleaning glass, absorbing spills, etc. sometimes it is nice to have one tool that has multiple uses as well.


We feel Tuff-Scrub is that cleaning tool.  It does many things well rather than just one thing well. Its features, its benefits help make your kitchen and home easier to clean. 


Our goal at A&H is to always provide products that ACTUALLY WORK. We test them, we have friends and family test them, we have commercial cleaning companies test them, we have laboratories test them. Nothing is more satisfying in business than to provide a quality product that works.


We hope you will be satisfied with the Tuff-Scrub line of products. We feel they are an excellent value, and please know that we truly value your business.

A&H Branded Products Team

AH Branded Products
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